The history of Portuguese footwear had JJ Heitor as one of its main protagonists.

With more than 60 years of activity, the company founded by Joaquim José Heitor went through the most difficult years of the Portuguese footwear industry, with his determination, vision and lucidity.

Joaquim José Heitor's parents already worked in the footwear sector, having passed this passion on to their son who, from an early age, revealed his entrepreneurial vocation.
In 1955, Joaquim Heitor, emigrated to Venezuela, looking for better living conditions, always with the objective of realizing his dream, that of building a footwear production unit in Portugal.

Finally, he returned to Portugal in 1963 and founded the company Joaquim José Heitor, Lda., specialized in the production of men's footwear. In 1990, a new factory was built, dedicated to the production of women's footwear, thus increasing its production capacity and investing in new factory equipment in order to respond to the great existing demand.


Currently, the management is ensured by the THIRD GENERATION of the Heitor family.

The development of JJ Heitor is based on a model of sustained growth, leveraged on the company's competitive advantages, namely in the rigorous selection of raw materials, in the quality of the finished product and in meeting deadlines.
One of the priorities is to ensure a strong presence in the international market, which represents a permanent challenge, both in terms of cultural diversity and technological development.


Launching a PRIVATE BRAND – JJ Heitor Shoes

With a vast portfolio of customers, JJ Heitor uses almost all of its production for export, being present at the main international events in the sector.
A key milestone in this evolution and one of the company's major challenges was the launch in 2013 of its own brand – JJ Heitor Shoes – in which continuous design innovation and production quality come together in a perfect symbiosis.


A VISION of the future, without forgetting the values of the past

After the unexpected death of the eldest brother, António Heitor, the management is currently carried out by António da Silva Heitor and Joaquim da Silva Heitor and by the third generation the brothers Joaquim and Vasco Heitor, who, faithful to the values that were present in the genesis of the company, guide the destiny of the company.

In an extremely competitive industry, JJ Heitor's main challenge is to ensure, on the one hand, the sustainability of the business, while keeping intact the family spirit and corporate culture cemented over the years.

The valorization of human resources, at a professional level, but above all personally, is a constant concern, along with investment in innovation and in equipment and technology, which allow productivity gains.


60 years later, Joaquim José Heitor, S.A. follows in the footsteps of its founder. A man who went through the worst moments of the transformation of the Portuguese footwear industry as a symbol of the best world production in the sector.


The KNOW-HOW accumulated from generation to generation

A rigorous selection of raw materials starts the production process. Leathers, soles and linings from the best national and international sources are part of a procedure that characterizes a unique way of being on the market.
The technology incorporated, in all phases of the process, enables relevant levels of gains in productivity and quality. A strong component of manual work, with attention to every detail in the footwear manufacturing process, is also a decisive factor in the added value of the final product. The integration of design in the service proposal came to enhance the offer, as a differentiating element of great quality.


We produce YOUR BRAND

One of JJ Heitor's strategic areas of intervention is the production of women's footwear for other brands, so we guarantee the rigorous selection of the best national or international raw materials.
The technology incorporated in the production process allows significant gains in both productivity and quality, combined with monitoring and manual work, until the conclusion of the final product.
We also guarantee complete confidentiality and scrupulous compliance with agreed delivery dates.

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