Sustainable Footwear

Incorporating sustainability into the business is ensuring that decisions taken today do not prevent future generations from having a better quality of life in the future, preferably with sustainable footwear at their feet.

In a business context, sustainability is about ensuring that workers, workplaces and business structures are ethical, equitable and economically viable. JJ Heitor has its own facilities and factory, which guarantees control of the entire value chain, from development, production and delivery to the customer. When designing a product, we take into account the need to make use of materials, tools and production processes.

At Joaquim José Heitor we work with the objective of creating well-being in people, society and nature

In the supply chain, some suppliers are selected for assessment of environmental practices. Whenever possible, we use local suppliers, minimizing the carbon footprint associated with the transport of raw materials, necessary for the production of sustainable footwear. The products have a high quality and durability, being accompanied by instructions for footwear maintenance in order to prolong the life of the product.

Our certifications – Sustainable business with respect for the environment


Environmental Management System Certification(SGA)

The ISO 14001:2015 certification - Environmental Management Systems (SGA) allows us to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment. This certification is a tool for a more effective management of the environmental aspects arising from the activities of the companies, as well as their correct operational control and monitoring. When implementing the environmental management system, environmental protection, pollution prevention and legal compliance are taken into account.


Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certification

We eliminate the presence of all plastic material from our packaging, in order to facilitate their forwarding and recovery. At JJHeitor, sustainable footwear also involves using FSC-certified packaging, that is, the origin of all the material used, paper or cardboard, comes from sustainable forests, with efficient management, which offer environmental, social and economic benefits.


Leather working Group certification: (LWG)

We look for suppliers that give us guarantees of good environmental practices, which is why most leather suppliers have the LWG certification. This certification assigns a classification based on leather production processes, with criteria covering: traceability, social responsibility, chemical management and health and safety.


We are members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition

This entity developed the Higg index tool, which aims to measure and improve environmental performance and sustainability practices. The Higg Index results from the practices and annual results obtained by JJ Heitor, covering a wide range of environmental aspects, which is an opportunity for continuous improvement, identifying its strengths, but also the areas in which it is necessary to act.


We are members of SEDEX

DEX promotes the improvement of social responsibility practices and performance in its various aspects (labor practices, safety and health, business ethics, environment, supply chain management).
We periodically complete the Sedex Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), which allows Sedex members to share information throughout the supply chain.
Data collection and SAC filling is an opportunity for us to focus attention on our performance and introduce improvements in each of the aspects worked on.

Our Sustainability in numbers

We work continuously to improve our environmental performance, adopting the best practices in the footwear sector, in order to contribute to a more sustainable world, where shoes are also more ecological, greener.

Between 2019 and 2021, CO2 emissions associated with energy consumption – fuels and electricity – decreased by 57% for each pair of shoes produced.

Care for the Environment, but also for our people

We want all our direct and indirect employees to feel protected, valued and proud to belong to this family. In this way, a set of principles of ethics, conduct and social responsibility were developed that regulate and demonstrate our values of transparency, professionalism and ethics in business.

We also provide health insurance for all employees, with the possibility for the worker to extend it to family members at competitiv cost. We award an attendance bonus and provide legal advice if necessary.

In order to ensure the consolidation and positive evolution of the social responsibility principles in which we believe, we have been implementing the requirements of Standard SA 8000. This Standard addresses the social impact of organizations, by defining requirements related to the conditions under which employees, partners and suppliers work.

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