Chicago Mule

20 May 2024 | By JJ Heitor

The essential footwear for this spring! 
The Chicago combines everything we need in an ultra-elegant way: style and comfort!


With origins dating back to antiquity, they were worn by Roman senators and other people of high position. During the Renaissance they gained popularity among women, especially as bedroom footwear.
In the 18th century, they began to be adopted by high society women.

Between 1950 and 1960 there was a notable resurgence of mules, which were extremely popular among European elites, associated with elegant styles and glamour by film stars and fashion icons.
In the following decades, they continued to be popular footwear, being reinterpreted by various designers and adapting to various trends.

Today, mules are a symbol of versatility and style! They're back in fashion with a more minimalist and practical touch, suitable for practically any occasion, from a day at work to a glamorous evening out.


We've put together the 3 models of our must-have mules, because one pair would never be enough.
This spring, walk with comfortable shoes that never go out of style. 
Get ready, because with these mules you won't go unnoticed!
Extremely versatile, they complement various styles, from the most formal to the most casual.


Casually chic: for everyday occasions:
Combine comfort and class with our mules.
Every practical, modern woman loves a great pair of mules! 
Ideal for a relaxed, modern everyday look.

Corporate comfort: in the office:
The perfect combination of comfort and elegance, mules are a great option to take to the office, because as well as highlighting a certain elegance, they enhance any look and guarantee the comfort that your feet deserve. 
A tip: try wearing them with tailored trousers, midi dresses or pencil skirts and enjoy!

Mules for a night out: at a dinner party:
Perfect for evening events or special occasions.
The Chicago has the power to transform a simple look into something truly glamorous. 

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A quick and perfect choice for any occasion, without much effort and time wasted trying to find the best combination.

A monochrome look with our bicolour version and you're ready to go! Or if you prefer, match your colourful look with the Chicago in black.
This season, mules are a must-have!

Inspired by our iconic line of moccasins, the Chicago mixes the classic and refined front of our moccasin with the lightness and comfort characteristic of this model.

Simple to wear, a perfect example of how fashion can be both practical and elegant. 
The versatility of this type of shoe is the cherry on the cake.