Trends that mark the winter 2022/2023

21 October 2022 | By JJ Heitor

Although fashion is currently very versatile and individualized, there are great trends that are asserting themselves.

If we wander through the streets, the main trends/bets for next season's street style stand out.

1. Puffer Jacket 

A trend coming from the so-called Ski Chic, puffer jackets can be considered inspirations from the world of skiing and other winter sports. Great option for those who live in places with very low temperatures, these pieces can be found in shorter or longer versions, such as overcoats.

2. Mini length 

Marking the return of more festive elements after the comfortwear boom, the mini length came to show that shorter pieces can be worn in any season. When thinking about how to wear a mini skirt or dresses above the knee on icy days, it is worth betting on tights to ensure leg protection and wider or longer coats, bringing an interesting contrast to the composition.

3. Prints in winter

Another strong promise for colder days is the use of pieces in vibrant colors and varied prints. Geometric patterns, plaid variations, flowers and elements of nature are some of the biggest trends for the season.


When composing a look, combine printed clothes with heavier pieces, playing, once again, with the contrast. Mixing textures following this same logic is also valid. So don't be afraid to dare!

4. Leather 

A winter classic, leather can appear in more common pieces, such as the always right jacket, or even in more differentiating proposals, such as trench coats and other clothes with maxi length, wide leg pants and even coats with wider models.

5. Tailoring

Whether due to the return of face-to-face work, or the desire to be more daring in everyday compositions, tailoring is another great promise of the 2022/2023 winter fashion.


To escape the obvious, bet on wider pieces, following the oversized trend, and with stronger tones, fleeing the most classic colors for the style.

6. Oversized parts 

A great way to implement elements with characteristics of the warm seasons in winter compositions, such as floral prints, vibrant colors and fine fabrics, is to invest in large or wider pieces.


That's because larger models are amazing for those who want to play with contrasts. To use the trend, you can “steal” the blazer of a father, boyfriend, brother or friend, order sizes larger than what you usually wear and even go shopping in the men's section.

7. All denim trend

Well known for the iconic photo of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, the denim composition with jeans is considered daring and generates many doubts at the time of the combination. In order not to feel like you were wrong when mixing clothes, bet on pieces with very different washes, on options produced from upcycling or even monochromatic, and complete with colorful accessories, creating a more modern look.

8. Transparencies

Bringing a sexier touch to the coldest days, transparency also marks the return of parties and night events. That's because naked dresses, bustiers, bodies and even skirts with a lot of or little skin on display have the power to transform any look into a real event.

9. Feather trend 

Another proof that “party fashion” has invaded everyday life, feathers have gained greater prominence in recent years. A controversial trend, feathers can be implemented in satin or sequin pieces or even in more basic clothes, such as jeans and plain t-shirts.