What shoes to wear at Christmas and New Year parties?

18 December 2023 | By JJ Heitor

For Christmas and New Year parties, the choice of shoes may vary depending on the style of the party and your own personal taste.

Here are some suggestions for suitable shoes for these festive occasions: 

1. Pumps: these are high, thin heel shoes that can add elegance to a party look. They come in a variety of colors and styles, from classic black to more festive options like bright or glitter accents. 

2. Heeled sandals: High heel sandals can be a great choice for more sophisticated parties. They come in different styles, including thin straps, platforms and with details such as stones or metals. 

3. Platform Shoes: These shoes offer height with more comfort than regular high heels. They can be an elegant option for parties, especially if you plan to dance a lot.

4. Mid-calf or ankle boots: Depending on the climate where you're celebrating the holidays, elegant boots can be a stylish choice. Boots with heels or sophisticated materials, such as suede or leather, can be an option for more casual occasions.

5. Embellished sneakers or flats: If you prefer comfort without giving up style, sneakers or flats with festive details, such as stones, bows, or sparkles, can be an excellent option to complement a party look. 

When choosing shoes for Christmas and New Year's Eve parties, take into consideration the type of event, the location and, of course, your own style and comfort. The point is to find a pair of shoes that not only complement your festive attire but are also comfortable enough to enjoy the occasion.